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    The Brewers Association Provides A Great Beer and Food Pairing Resource

    Slowly but surely people all over the world are realizing the pleasures of pairing food and beer. More and more restaurants are featuring craft beer on their menus, pubs are springing up that exclusively cook and pair their dishes with beer, and people are starting to bring bottles of beer to dinner parties realizing that a good Belgian Dubbel will match that succulent roast beef better than most any Merlot can.

    But its still a new world, and as people open themselves into this vast world of flavor that is real beer it is important to have a guide along the way so that you can make informed choices about how to pair beer with food properly. The Brewers Association has created an easy quick reference guide that briefs you on the flavor characteristics of a beer, what glass to serve it in, at what temperature, and what meats, cheeses and deserts it would work well with. Download a copy here, it is a great guide to real flavor.